LFT-G Impregnation & Extrusion

Long-fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic(LFRT),the length of the glass fiber is bigger than 3mm.while the commercialized LFRT is normally 6-25mm.

Compared with common short glass fiber reinforced plastics, the flexural modulus of long glass fiber reinforced plastics has been increased by 2 times, the impact strength has been increased by 4 times, and it can remain unchanged at -30 ℃.


The excellent properties are as following:

*Non-orientation gridding structure enables it can keep the original property even in high/low  temperature and high frequency environment.            

*Excellent anti-impact, high modulus, high strength, low warping and similar thermal expansion factor with metal.           

*Low shrinkage, low creep deformation, high dimensional stability.        

*Excellent anti-wear and endurance.            

*Excellent anti-chemcial.           

*Excellent processing: high flow, easy demould, low damage to screw.


Processing flow:

Fiber→Preheating flattening device→Dipping mould→Water trough→Dryer→Puller→Pelletizer
 Twin screw extruder
 High speed mixer
    PP Long Carbon Fiber
Glass Fiber with PA6   Glass Fiber with PPS