Development History


Nanjing Cowin Extrusion Machinery Co., Ltd. was established;

D series high torque conical twin screw extruders have been successfully designed and developed;

We have successfully designed and developed various underwater pelletizing production lines, which are highly praised by the elastomer customers;

It has passed ISO certification;

Our products have obtained CE and ISO certification;

Cooperating with Brazilian peer-EME company;

In cooperation with Beijing University of Chemical Technology, we developed the first domestic mico twin screw production line with the smallest screw diameter for laboratory use.

Cooperating with Beijing University of Chemical Technology Plastics Machinery Research Institute to develop LFT products, as well as a variety of long glass fiber, carbon fiber composite materials;
Successfully customized LFT-D products for factories affiliated to Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology & Engineering Chinese Academy of Sciences;
Cooperating with BYD to become BYD's high quality supplier;
We Customized CHT135D high torque twin-screw blending line for Turkish customers.
We developed various customized food extruders for Inter Aneka Lestari Kimia Company in Indonesia;
We customized 3 tons/hour water ring pelletizing production line for Turkish customers;
Custom-made CHT135D high torque twin-screw extruder for French Transition for the production of automotive interior panels;
Cooperating with Taiwan NanYa Plastics;
Cowin successfully applied to become a high-tech enterprise;
Cooperating with Aux Group, we customize various twin-screw extrusion and granulation production lines;
All kinds of three screw extruders have been developed and widely used in high filling field;
Cooperate with Japan daicel company, become the high quality supplier of extruder and extruder parts;
Cooperating with Peking University to customize LFT production line;
Cooperating with the State Key Laboratory of Polymer Materials Engineering of Sichuan University to customize various PPS and PEEK composite material production lines;
Cooperating with Beijing University of Chemical Technology, successfully developed various continuous fiber 3D printing wire production lines (PPS, PEEK);
Cooperating with the military scientific research units under the Ministry of Ordnance Industry, we custom-made the conical twin screw extruder for high energy explosive used in laboratory;
The conical twin-screw extruder was successfully applied in the field of explosive for the first time;
In deep cooperation with the polymer research team of Sichuan University, we customize all kinds of new assembly, so that all kinds of new materials and new technologies can be successfully applied in the production process;
Cooperating with Turkish company to develop laboratory foaming extrusion equipment
Development of continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic unidirectional prepreg tape production line (CFRT-UD tape);
For the military production and scientific research joint affiliated to the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense and the Ministry of Ordnance Industry, the company has successfully developed the largest and highest torque CHT150D conical twin screw extruder in China, which has been verified in the field of high-energy explosive production and passed the acceptance of the expert group once;
Cooperating with Guangwei Composite Materials Group, customized carbon fiber composite extrusion equipment;
Cooperating with Italian extruder manufacturers to design customized products for them
High-tech enterprises shall be recognized by the Chinese government.