CHT65 water cooling strand pelletizing production line

Recently, our company has successfully delivered a set of CHT65 water cooling strand pelletizing production line to an enterprise in Taiwan. The company has been in close contact with our company, and has ordered three experimental machines and the latest pelletizing method from our company: underwater strand pelletizing unit. It is because of our company's high-quality machines and services that our customers can trust us so much.            
This order only spent one day from inquiry to order. Although the time is short, it fully demonstrates our company's strength and technology, solved the problems for customers, and designs the best scheme for customers, all of which are inseparable from the excellent company team.            
COWIN pays attention to service, and the attitude of pre-sale and after-sale is absolutely consistent. It not only ensures the safe arrival of goods to the port, but also pays more attention to after-sale services such as installation and debugging of machines, and puts the customer's purchase experience first.            
COWIN quality is the foundation of our cooperation with our customers. Our ultimate goal is to satisfy our customers and gain their trust.