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Under Water Pelletizing System

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As the best solution, under water pelletizing system has a overwhelming advantage compare to strand, water ring, die face air cooling pelletizing system.

COWIN EXTRUSION has the original R&D team of under water pelletizing system in China. We focus on the latest technology innovation which helps our UW series to be high quality and more competitive

1. Full automatic pneumatic kinfe feeding system to guarantee stable and continuous production, Cutting blade which contacts the die head can be adjusted automatically after abrasion, thus to guarantee the precised contact between cutter and die head, PLC controlling system to meet manual/automatic oerpation, touch screen makes the operation and maintenance easily

2. Super anti-wear hard alloy cutting blade with constant pneumatic cutting adjusting system to guarantee a longer life

3.Modular Designed Tempered Water Circulating System to meet different requirement from customers. Every part can be installed independently which makes it easier and faster to replace 

4. Based on requirements of customers as well as the charateristic of raw materials. COWIN EXTRUSION super anti-wear hard alloy die plate,cutting blades, high efficient and low energy consumption heading system make the cutting reulst more perfect.


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