Main Function of Twin Screw Extruder

The twin screw extruder is one of the main equipments for polymer processing, and is widely used for its excellent performance. There are many types of double screw extruders, so users should choose the appropriate model according to their owner needs.
Twin-screw extruders were originally used for food and plastic processing. In recent decades,the scope of application has been expanded to rubber, coatings, petroleum chemical fiber, building materials, pulp, food, feed processing and fluid machinery and other fields. The core of the twin screw extruder is the twin screw mechanism. Twin-screw extruder is widely used because of its obvious advantages of simple structure compared with three-screw extruder, higher conveying capacity, better self-cleaning performance and higher efficiency than single-screw extruder. Twin screw extruders can be divided into parallel and non-parallel types according to the position of the screw axis. The parallel twin-screw machine is widely used because of its easy manufacturing and low cost.
The twin screw extruder can concentrate a series of basic chemical processes, such as solid conveying, pressurizing, melting, venting, dehumidifying, melt conveying, and pumping out on the screw in the extruder.
The twin-screw extruder has higher productivity and lower energy consumption, reduces the production area, number of operators and production costs, and is also easy to realize production automation, creating good working conditions and reducing environmental pollution.
This process of twin-screw extruder is not only widely used in polymer processing, but also has been increasingly used in industrial sectors such as building materials, food, textile, military industry, and paper making industry.