Continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic 3D printing wire integrated manufacturing technology and equipment

3D printing technology because of its unique way of molding, has been more and more widely used in many fields, especially in fused deposition (FDM), with the rapid development of the 3D printing technology, the demand for high-performance 3D printing products is also rising, however, the use of traditional, single component printing consumables forming products strength is low, often can't meet the demand of higher printing industries. The continuous fiber as reinforced thermoplastic composite materials, and combined with 3D printing, can significantly improve the mechanical properties of composite materials products, due to the smaller specific surface area of the continuous fiber can greatly reduce the porosity, 3D printing technology of CFRTP to its control on the fiber orientation and distribution, in industry production of spare parts for composite bearing has great potential, broad prospect of application. The continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic 3D printing wire manufacturing technology and equipment developed in this project can be used to prepare various kinds of reinforced wire materials, such as PEEK, PPS, PA, PLA, etc. The equipment is compact, high-end and high-grade, which is very suitable for universities and scientific research institutions.