PP Melt-blown Compounding Line

Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia, the demand for masks has exploded, resulting in a spurt in the demand for melt-blown material.
With the arrival of the market, PP melt-blown material granulation equipment market demand is growing rapidly.
The production process of PP melting and spraying material is based on PP special resin of sinopec, which is generally in powder form with melting index of 30-40. Through the use of twin screw mixing extruder and combined with the mature formula and process, used polymer controlled rheology technology to produce PP melt-blown materials.
PP melt-brown equipment requires it to cut and plasticize its materials with high density and long time to meet the use requirements of melt-blown cloth.our company has developed PP melt-brown granulator equipment, which can achieve better mixing and dispersing effect with a smaller length-diameter ratio and screw diameter.This can improve the quality of materials, increase production, simplify the production process, energy conservation and environmental protection.
In order to meet the market demand and make a contribution to the novel coronavirus pneumonia, our company's independent research and development of PP melt-blown cloth granulation equipment has been recognized and praised in the market.