Energy-save single screw extruder

COWIN EXTRUSION has lauched new type of high efficiency energy-save single screw extruders for many many customers both abroad and domestic. CSE TM series has got perfect feedback from customers.  Because this kind of extruder has dominant advantages for customer compare to traditional single screw extruder:

1. Higher speed.

    The traditional single screw extruder is maximum 90rpm, while our CSE TM series can be up to 150rpm.

2. Energy-save.

   The CSE TM series can save at least 30% energy compare to traditional single screw extruder.

3. Lower cost

    Customer can save a lot investment for the same capacity, because we can use a relative smaller extruder to get  the same capacity that of bigger traditional single screw extruder can do.

4. Optimized screw desgin

    All advantages thanks to the optimized screw design, COWIN EXTRUSION has innovated new screw structures for different materials and processes but not the standard screw. Thus can make the extruder be fully used and minimize the waste based on good material quality.